Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Fiend In Need Author: Maureen Child

Thirty two year old Cassidy "Cassie" Burke has only come into her powers as the hereditary Demon Duster one month ago and already she has a price on her head. If finding out demons exist and seem to be living in plain sight in her hometown isn't enough, her daughter's long lost father has moved back to town, and Cassie's demon lover is cheating on her!! Since man trouble doubling isn't enough for this "duster", Brady, a gorgeous male sex slave fairy, escapes and comes to her for sanctuary. Cassie has her own weaknesses for food, sex, and designer handbags (not necessarily in that order). She juggles her own daily life problems coping with her normal job, dealing with a sixteen year old daughter, THREE troublesome males in her life along with her Demon Duster training and duties. Her daily adventures as the price on her head keeps increasing is exciting enough, but Brady's former owner turns out to be Vanessa a demon queen and she will stop at nothing to get Brady back. With only one month of halfhearted training, because Cassie isn't exactly the exercise loving type, she has to take on the demon queen and her demon hordes.

The events of this book take place a month after the end of the previous book, 'More than Fiends', when Cassidy Burke discovered that she was a Demon Duster, a kind of Demon Slayer. Her life has become more complicated - although also more fun - now she has a demon lover, Devlin Cole, and Logan, the father of her fifteen year old daughter has also come back into her life.This story continues Cassie's experiences as a new Demon Duster. However her love life takes an unexpected twist when a Faery turns up at her door, asking for sanctuary. He has escaped from the Demon Queen and only Cassie can keep him safe from the woman who kept him as a love slave. Cassie has rather too much on her plate already, however, what with her other two men, being trained by Jasmine in Demon Dustering and worrying about her daughter's love life. However she finds herself regularly under attack by demons due to the bounty on her head and it takes all her wits - as well as liberal helpings of chocolate and other goodies - to keep her going.

My Final Thoughts:
Reading this book was like talking to a good friend.... earthy, straight forward and funny example (she insisted on referring to a part of her anatomy as her 'Hoo-hah' And who can't commiserate with wanting to kill a demon for a second time after you realize he ruined a brand new designer handbag or getting angrier at a demon for not giving you your ice cream sundae than at their attempt to kill you? (◡‿◡✿)✰Lɪsᴀ

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