Friday, March 2, 2012

Once In A Full Moon By Ellen Schreiber Book Review

Once In A Full Moon is the first book in this series. Its about a girl named Celeste Parker who is what I like to call the all American girl.She lives in a town called Legend's Run which is divided into east and west. Celeste and her two best friends are from the east side. East side is very popular and very rich. Celeste is the type of girl who can do no wrong or stand by and watch someone get bullied. This is the case with Brandon Maddox from the west side.

Brandon Maddox was new in town. He moved in with his grandparents. Although he was very good looking and very sweet he was frowned upon because he was from the wrong side of town (west). Celeste Parker didn't care much for sides, she truly believed there should be no enemy line between East and West.

Celeste had an attraction to Brandon the moment she saw him. Celeste kept this quiet from her Best friends since her best friends had this six some clique that consisted of her best friends and their boyfriends and oh yeah Celeste's very popular and very sexy boyfriend Nash.

This book is a truly a page turner with Celeste fighting the urge to tell her friends about Brandon. Nash not giving up without a fight and Brandon being so hard to resist and ultimately Celeste struggles between her feelings for both Nash and Brandon.

Pick up this book if your interested to see who Celeste chooses ;) I for one was on team Brandon<3


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