Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shiver By Maggie Steifvater

So I just finished this book. I'm not going to do much of a review since Lisa already has. What I can tell you is that I almost killed Lisa for being a third wheel on my date with Sam.
Every time he took me away I would have Lisa message me on facebook. I honestly never thought a book would make it to become my favourite book of all time considering before Shiver my favourite books of all time was the Twilight series.

So when I woke up this morning I continued my date with Sam and picked up Linger to read. I only wished that Sam was real because OMG he is so dreamy!!!!

I also just discovered that they are making a movie about the book. How amazing is that. I mean I'll actually get to see Sam in action and not just in my head.

I only hope when they cast for his part I'm not disappointed, like I was when they casted Robert Patterson for the part of Edward in Twilight. I mean Rob is a good actor but definitely not the Edward I pictured every time I got carried away in the books.

They haven't released the date yet for the movie but they are saying that it will be sometime in 2014.

Who would you guys cast as Sam if you had the choice???? please let me know

I for one would cast Thomas Dekker as the part of sam. Just toss some yellow contacts on him and he's perfect


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  2. I think Thomas is way hot but he still has that boyish look to him.