Saturday, March 10, 2012

THE SOUL WARS SAGA Author : Gwynneth White

This book has yet to be released but after just reading a tidbit it sounds quiet exciting can’t wait to see to see it all come together.

THE SOUL WARS SAGA AURTHOR:Gwynneth White EVERYONE HAS A SOUL MATE. BUT WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR SOUL MATE WOULD RATHER SELL HIS SOUL TO THE DEMONS THAN BE WITH YOU?The SOUL WARS SAGA is a paranormal/fantasy trilogy is aimed primarily at Young Adults. But enough older adults have enjoyed Cursed, the first in the series, to convince us that it has great cross-over potential.

WHAT IS THE SERIES ABOUT?Erin and Seth head to desolate salt pans in Botswana, searching for a lost city where a pear-sized diamond has been buried.Long-dead Reuel, the first of the cruel overlords who ruled the lost city (known anciently as Shenaya) and his demon followers, fight to keep the diamond hidden. For this is no ordinary gem. Embedded in its heart is the cure for the curse Reuel invoked upon his posterity. This hex forces his family to forsake their soul mates and to worship him.Guardian Angels ensure that Seth and Erin’s vehicle bogs in treacherous mud on the pans where the diamond is hidden. Erin finds the stone, and Reuel sends a tornado to kill her. When that fails, he sends a pack of demon-possessed hyenas.Using the diamond, Erin and Seth travel back in time to before their births where, in the world of spirits, they discover that they were once soul mates. Their spirits accept custodianship of the diamond, promising to do all they can to lift the curse, knowing that Reuel and his demons will use all their formidable powers to kill them.Seth refuses to honour the promise his spirit made. He tries to escape but there is nowhere to hide. Erin touches the diamond, taking them both back in time to Shenaya. Here Erin has to fight the powers of darkness to win Seth’s love again.The working titles of the other two novels in the series are at present: Sacrificed and Redeemed

.WHERE CAN I GET A COPY OF CURSED? You can’t. Not just yet, anyway. It's due for release towards the end of 2012.In the meantime, enjoy getting to know Erin and Seth through their blog posts. In each one they're revealing major themes of their story.

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