Thursday, February 18, 2016

Indigo Nights by Louise Bay book review

Synopsis: The only thing better than cake is cake with a side of orgasms.

Dylan James has no expectations when it comes to relationships. He uses women for sex and they use him for his money and power. It’s quid pro quo and he's good with that. It works.

Beth Harrison has been burned. She's tired of the lies and the game playing that men bring and has buried herself in her passion—baking which keeps her out of the reach of heartbreak. As she begins her career as a TV baker, a new world opens up to her.

Dylan and Beth both know that casual sex is all about giving what you need to get what you want. 

Except that sometimes you give more than you need to and get everything you ever wanted.

Review: (Kelly)

Rating: 5/5 8A Stars!!!


Where do I even begin?? This book was amazing!! Dylan James is my definition of perfection. He's handsome, charming, witty, rich and damn he has one filthy mouth. I swear I felt like I needed to change my panties on multiple occasions. Im addicted to this sexy billionaire and have added him to the top of my book boyfriend list of 2016.

"I was part thrilled, part infuriated and entirely consumed with a desire to have her naked beneath me."

"I didn’t know where to start with her. I wanted to bite, suck, kiss, lick and fuck all of her all at once. Possession was my aim."

Beth you lucky woman!! Speaking of Beth, I loved her <3 She's a strong woman who over came many obstacles in life and found her love for baking along the way. She was either baking or eating cake throughout this entire story and It rubbed off on me. I swear I gained 5 pounds in the last two days with the amount of cakes and sweets I was consuming while reading this.

Together Beth and Dylan brought out the best in each other and the chemistry between them was off the charts!

I enjoyed every single side character in this book with the exception of Dylan's ex but obviously that was the author's intention. This is a light, steamy, "Insta Love" story which I tend to not be a big fan of but with Louise's writing style I literally ate it up! It consumed me instantly and I did not want it to end. Louise has definitely become an instant one-click for me! I honestly recommend this book, I believe it is a "MUST READ" for all my lovely book sisters!

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