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 Life gives, and life takes away. Charlie McGee knows all too well just how much truth that statement holds. She was drowning, wasting away from guilt and sadness. But when she meets Slayter Beck, he becomes the only calm in her ever-present storm. He's her light in the darkness. An angel in the midst of her demons. All she wants to do is remember, and when the weight of that burden becomes too much, she tries giving up. But he won't let her. He vows to help her remember. Remember Phoenix


 4.5/5 "Charlie Girl" Stars!! It was extremely difficult to write this review, not because it wasn't good -trust me ladies it was Amazing!- but because the storyline itself is a hugeeee spoiler. I kid you not! (I even spent an hour making a beautiful edit that I couldn't use because it would give the entire book away) How do you explain a book that can't be explained??? Like I said extremely difficult! When a friend asked me the other day what this story was about, I froze. It took me a while to think about how I could describe it without taking the experience away and the best I could do was to say 'It's a secret!" Vague, I know! but fortunately for you, I’ve had some time to sit on it and to think about the best way to go about describing this book for y'all without any spoilers. (I Hope) My heart broke for Charlie. Life literally screwed with her and left her utterly broken! I could never imagine having to face what she did in this story. I don't blame her for suffering with depression. Her demons would eat me alive too! You can tell right from the start that the author poured her heart and soul into this book especially when it came to the way Charlie thought and acted. It was too real! Raw emotions like that cannot be faked. So of course I cried! I was trying to remain strong but Randa knew how to break through all of my defenses! I knew this book was an emotional read before jumping in, so I took all the measures to ensure I would not ugly cry cause Lord knows I've done enough of that for the week. I even went as far as to give myself a mental pep talk after a few pages or so, "You can do this Kelly. DO NOT CRY!!! Breathe,” which worked for the most part. Until the last 20 % when the flood gates decided to open. No matter how strong my will power was, Randa found a way to destroy it. She was dead set on making you as the reader bleed the same way she had when she was in the process of writing this story. Slayter was literally the perfect man! The rich, handsome guy that every girl wants but yet he only has eyes for you. Yeah thats him alright! and to top it all off he was the sweetest and most patient man I have ever read. He loved the "broken girl" even when she couldn't love herself. He always caught her every time she tried to run and he stood by her side through every dark situation. "I've got you Charlie." *Sigh* I don't drink, but this book has me wanting to walk into the closest bar I see and steal a man's drink in hopes that I would find my "Slayter". A girl can dream right??? (wish me luck, ladies!) This book was so damn beautiful Randa, from one Phoenix to another, I congratulate you for not only taking a chance on letting the world see how ugly life with depression could get but for also showing many sufferers of depression, that its okay to rely on someone to catch when you fall. This book was truly touching and I hope it will inspire everyone who reads it to live life to the fullest and to appreciate every single person in your life! YOU MUST READ THIS!!! Matter of fact, go right now and add this beauty to your TBR!

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