Monday, March 14, 2016

Review: Beneath The Vine By: Lillian Bryant

Ok, I'm not sure what's going on but the last 3 books I've read have been some amazing reads' which never happens! So when I was asked to review this book in exchange of an honest review, I didn't hesitate at all! ( BTW! It was also haunting me online so I had to have it)Lisa 

Author: Lillian Bryant (A.M.Johnston)
Release Date: March 20th 2016 
Format: Mobi


Selene Cavalier spent the majority of her time behind her cello. Her dull life was made up of dark notes, hard work and sheet music.

Bennett Monterosso did what he had to do to get his family’s winery up and running. He didn’t have time for his old ways. His quiet dominance had been silenced. His need was just waiting below the surface, until now.

Having her—it was all he could think about as he watched the young woman behind the cello.

Gage Calibri left his best friend, his home, and his tarnished past five years ago. He suppressed his darker tastes, his physical appetites, and his secrets until he no longer had a choice.

It only took one night for these three lives to collide and to be altered forever.

This wasn’t what they were expecting. This wasn’t who she was. Each moment they sank deeper, each minute they felt more, each second they took her further.

Unhinged… restrained… this obsession… this love… it was all consuming.

My Review: 

So we now come across book 4 in my mighty high TBR List, Beneath The Vine By: Lillian Bryant (better know as (A.M Johnson) and this is where I lose my mind, heart and self control, In a good way promise.

In the book we meet two of the hottest men to ever come across book pages (well to me at least) 
Bennett Monterosso  and Gage Calibri life long friends scratch that more like brothers, These two have seen it all and done it all together! But aren't prepared for what or whom I should say is about to come into their lives.

Flash-forward Its now been five years since Bennett and Gage have seen  each other, Bennett now owns a winery and Gage is still living the fast life , while some things have changed some haven't, but one thing for sure is neither of them were prepared for her, Selene (Giovanna) Cavalier the cello player from Brooklyn.

After they both have laid eyes on Selene, They both realize they must have her! This has to be one of the most emotional, heart wrenching steamy love triangles I've ever read because I fell in love with not just one man but both. Bennett the sweet, caring one, and Gage the tough hard as nails aggressive man with this amazing heart of gold which had me all over the place! I have always picked a side and this time I couldn't no matter the pros or cons. 

It's so hard to review this book without spoilers, but the love story and heat that takes place between these three characters shapes this story so beautifully you imagine every emotion, touch, scenario (I know I did) It's one of those books that just makes you feel!

Final Thoughts:

Beneath The Vine is by far my number 1 read of 2016 Its a 5 star rating and more from me, I need someone, anyone!? to turn this into a movie asap! So run out,grab your copy cause you will NOT! be disappointed. P.S I will not be choosing sides anytime soon so I'm sticking to TeamBennett and TeamGage. 

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