Monday, July 13, 2015

Book Review Teachers Pet (Book 1) By; Avery Phillips

Published September 18th 2014 

Lesson #1 Life Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans 

Is what she finds out when brilliant university student Lynora Minnelli meets the hot new Professor, Simon Foster, on campus. 
Her reaction isn't what you might think. He gets her fired her from her job as a Teacher's Assistant all because of his shitty arrogant attitude. 

He claims he doesn't need her but that proved to be untrue as his hunger for her stokes into a fire. She claims she doesn't like him but that also proves to be false as her stubbornness falls prey to his carnal desires. 

Once the two come together there's a lot of lessons to learn. Him with affairs of the heart and her with her knack to keep her distance and for the first time in their life they come to love it. 

It would be very remiss of me if I didn't give you fair warning. Upon reading this story you'll never look at showers the same and you'll never look at the game Simon Says without the urge to crack mischievous smile. 


Ok, where do I start, I'm not a New Adult guru book reader just yet so last week I thought, hey haven't read a new adult book in a while so let's try one out I picked up Teachers Pet (Book 1) By; Avery Phillips and in all honestly I wish I hadn't which is hard for me to say since I never want to trash someone's book or writing. 

So in the book we meet our main character Lynora Minnelli better know as Lynn,an everyday awkward, plain Jane who's a teaching assistant so the time has come for her boss to go on mat leave so this means her replacement boss is on the way enter Simon Foster handsome, smart & the biggest asshole you could ever meet. 

So the relationship between Lynn & Foster develops so quickly it's unrealistic as her boss he makes it clear he doesn't want her as his teaching assistant. But as her love interested it gets worse he's a total douche he wants her one min,then next min he doesn't he had a way of making her feel desperate, unconfident & like a total loser. 

Lynn on her own had the potential to be a strong lead but the author missed the opportunity. As the story goes on they become entwined in a teacher/student relationship that is  so rushed that upon their first time alone together in class, he gets his hands down her pants just like that then after that his douche meter sky rockets to a million. 

So here's the final climax they finally get together the sex is amazing, but once it's over nothing changed their relationship is still unhealthy as ever go figure.

I didn't know upon reading the book this was only the first in the series, but what I can say is I have no desire to continue reading the other books to find out the outcome of this doomed relationship.

Final Thought:

Teachers Pet for me was rushed, underdeveloped & had no character development, I gave it 2 Stars.


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