Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog Tour Review of Sneak By: Evan Angler

First off I would like to give special thanks to
Evan Angler himself and Thomas Nelson Inc. for sending me the sequel to the Swipe series called Sneak you guys totally rock yet once again! and to YA Bound for hosting the tour.
*Lisa (a.k.a) Miz_Maliciouz

Ok lets get into the juicy details!

My Review:

Sneak picks up right where Swipe left off with Logan on the run trying to find his sister . So you know  its heart pounding and juicy right from the start!
Now at the same time his one time friend Erin, is trying to fit all the puzzle pieces of what was her life  back together after not only losing Logan, but the valued trust she had with her father which has  been really hard.

Your also  brought back to the bond of  how important and strong  friendship is  with  both of them losing each other so rapidly it has been extremely hard on one another  and with all the new obstacles  they both are now facing things  are turning out to be something they both didn't expect. 

What Evan Angler, did differently writing this book was having characters tell their POVs which if you know me I love when writers do this it keeps things refreshing!  The Government Conspiracy of the 21st century ohhh! let me tell you its a  double wham of being juicy!! There's all sorts of twists and turns and keeps you on your feet but also it comes with the sense that something we seem to forget the simpler things in life along with a couple of references to Christianity and bam the series gets better.

Logan, is such a tough  & strong character which makes it  hard to remember he is only 13 yrs old (I know shocker) even though this series is geared towards younger tweens I still adore it as a YA book Evan Angler would  just have to  make Logan 19+ and its all good lol.

My Final Thoughts:

I adore this series I find it gets better and better with each book its not stale! Logan is eager to uncover the truth and  help the ones he loves at any cost so with that being said run out and pick up the series if you haven't done so its so worth the read for anyone young or old!

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