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More dirt on PLEDGED ( Soul Wars Saga) by: Gwynneth White

So as promised here is another treat more dirt on one of  the hottest releases of September 2012 PLEDGED ( Soul Wars Saga) By: Gwyneth White.  We got to host an Interview with  not only Gwynneth herself but also with  the main characters of the book Seth & Erin which was awesome every week there will be some new info posted around the book until its official release date so stay tuned there may even be some goodies you never know ;)

Everyone has a soul mate. But what do you do when your soul mate would rather give his soul to the demons than be with you?
Seventeen-year-old Erin has a problem. Seth has been hers forever, but now an ancient curse is tearing him away. And the demons who invoked it will stop at nothing – even murder – to claim him as their own.

How can she win against a curse so binding that it has damned countless others to this same fate – an eternity alone?

The answer lies in the past. To find it, Erin and Seth must risk all, travelling back in time to a dangerous world where love is forbidden, and life – and death – hang on a pledge.

Follow Erin and Seth as they travel to ancient Shenaya and confront the curse that has plagued their families for millennia. Caught in a war between the Angelic Guardians and the Gefallen, the disembodied dead, they must fight to keep their souls in tact and their love untainted.

 Release: September 2012 by Swallow Press.

Get ready its interview time with Gweynneth, Seth & Erin!!

 BMB: 1. Tell me about your book. How did you come up with that (story, angle, idea)?

It all started about ten years ago when three characters – Sophia, Jared and Caleb - arrived in my head. Of course, like any sane person confronted with squatters, I tried to evict them, but instead I fell under their spell, falling deeply in love with them. In the end I allowed them to take up permanent residence. Over the years they told me their story about curses and promises, and love and betrayal in Shenaya, a lost land torn apart by warring demons and angels. At times they were so insistent that they finally won me over to write their tale. Then they invited two more of their friends – Seth and Erin - to stay with us too. They had also been to Shenaya and had a story to tell. That was the start of the Soul Wars Saga of which Pledged is the first book.

 BMB: 2. How did you get interested in writing this particular genre?

Fantasy? Maybe it’s because I’ve always had difficulty differentiating between reality and make-believe. From a very early age my father taught me to look for the fairies at the bottom of the garden. So when it comes to writing, I need the freedom offered by the reality of fantasy! I hope that makes sense.

 BMB: 3. What kind of research did you do for this book?

Tons of it. I already had a degree in African history, myths and legends, so that helped. But I spent hours on the internet and at the library. Often I had to remind myself that I was researching with a purpose.

 BMB: 4. What's a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write? Do you set a daily writing goal?

I wish I could say I had a real structure. But I don’t. I combine being an involved, dedicated mom with my passion for writing, so I work the two around each other as best I can. But that said, I try and spend my mornings writing. Afternoons are spent in the car, fetching and carrying my daughters. That’s when I do a lot of research into how teenagers think and speak!

 BMB: 5. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Oh . . . *wince* . . . I know this sounds terrible . . . but I live under constant fear that my stuff isn’t good enough. After all, who would want to read my stories? Such is the mantra that creeps, unbidden, into my head . . . sometimes it’s crippling. But I’m forcing myself to ignore it. Someone out there will enjoy my books, and that’s all that counts.

 BMB: 6. What’s the best thing about being an author?

I can let my imagination run wild and no one will tell me to grow up, or get real, or find a proper job!

 BMB: 7. What are you working on now?

Sacrificed, book two in the Soul Wars Saga trilogy is scheduled for release in January and there is still work to do on that.

 BMB: 8. What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Don’t listen to the naysayers – especially the ones in your own head. Follow your passion and write your story. But when it’s finished take advice from a professional editor you trust. 

 BMB: 9. Do you have any favorite authors or favorite books?

I wish I could say I was unique in the authors and books I love, but I’m not. So here goes: JK Rowling, Jane Austen, Orson Scott Card, Rudyard Kipling to name just three.

 BMB:  10. What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?

Um . . . at the risk of appearing dumb . . . I have no idea. *shame face*

Random Q & A  fun with Book Mark Belles for Seth & Erin

BMB: 1. If you were writing a book about each other's  lives, what would the titles be?

Erin: “That’s dead easy. Seth! Get With The Programme!”
Seth *looking hurt*: “Hey! I got with the programme.”
Erin frowns.
Seth “Okay, okay. It took a while. I’ll admit, but . . .”

BMB: 2. Twook! (Tweet the other): Describe each other in 140 characters or less. Go!

Seth: Erin’s #emblem is a meerkat. Small, tough, determined and beautiful. Eats cobras for breakfast. Cross her at your peril. She’s mine.

Erin: Twitter! Don’t you know I’m a Facebook girl? How do you expect me to tell you about Seth in only 140 characters? That’s just ridiculous. I told you, I could write a book about him . . .

BMB: 3. Name 5 items in each of your author survival kits?

Erin: “Okay, Lisa, be more specific with your questions. Do you mean our author survivor kit, or our own survivor-”
Seth interrupts: “I think I’ll just step in here. Simple. My sword, the diamond Seer-Stone, Erin’s backpack, Erin’s journal and her silver pen. That’s five. As you can see, we travel light, but we couldn’t have survived in Shenaya without those bare essentials.

BMB: 4. Sweet or Sour?


BMB: 5. If both of you could be anyone in the world who would it be and why?

Seth: “Han Solo. He gets to fly cool spaceships.”
Erin: “Typical of Seth to choose a fictional character. That’s why I love him so much.”
Seth: “So who would you be?”
Erin: “Emma Watson. Of course.”

BMB: 6. What would you both name yourselves if you were to become superheros and what special powers would you have?

Erin: “I rather fancy lightning. There’s a particular bird in Shenaya that I’d very much like to fry. And you can call me Flash.”
Seth: “Not fair! I was going to choose lightning. And for the same reason too.”

Thank you guys for letting us chat with you. Gwynneth, Seth and Erin

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