Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Twitter Party Alert!!!

In case you haven't follow us on Facebook or Twitter yet,  We just wanted to let you know we’re having a twitter party! The Book Mark Belles  twitter party is this Friday, July 27 from 8:00 pm EST- 9:00 pm EST and everyone is invited! You do not need to be a member of BMB to join in the fun. There will be prizes too,
Share Your Opinions
We would love to hear all your opinions on fave books ,authors ,blogs,etc along with blogging tips and anything you have too say regarding the book blog community!! 


HASHTAG: #bookmarkbelles
TOPICS: We will be talking about books,authors ,blogging etc
PRIZES: Autographed BookMarks, E-books, Special book related treats courtesy of select Authors such as Ada Adams , Amber Garr & Raine Thoma  and more stay tuned!
DATE: Friday July 27th, 2012
TIME: 8pm EST – 9pm EST
YOUR HOSTESSES: Kelly @bookmarkbelles & Lisa @Miz_Maliciouz
HINT: If you use Tweetdeck, go into your preferences/settings, then under Twitter tick the box that says “auto include hastags when replying” to ensure that all your replies will go to the group!
Please join us for blogging tips, book talk, amazing reads and win few giveaways too. If you’re coming, we’d love it if you let us know – Facebook us, tweet us or e-mail us. Invite your friends, readers, twitter followers and facebook fans! Don’t worry though, no RSVP is needed if you forget. Just show up!

Book Mark Belles in no way owns this twitter party format layout  we found it on line and tweaked it with our info all praises  please forward  too 

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